Thorton Hall EP

by Alive And Swell

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released June 1, 2011



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Alive And Swell Hawaii

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Track Name: Ten Thousand Leagues
I will dive in the light beside them
Track Name: Sunlight
So long sunlight. I'll see you soon.
God sent his stars along with the moon.
They'll protect me while you're away.
Rest up your shine for the day.

Goodbye old friend. My how we've grown.
Please don't forget me. I'm weak and alone without you.
Track Name: Leafless Tree
Your eyes don't see anything in me. A leafless tree.
They pass me by every time.

I breathe for you as the others do.
Look past my frame. My body bleeds the same day after day.

I've a broken soul. It's always cold.
My Ilsa Lund. My only one.
Track Name: New Ways To Breathe
Oh darling, I've failed so desperately in bravery.
Oh lovely, these lungs breathe only for you. Honest and true.

Just know you're beautiful.

I'll be your shelter, so unfailingly.
I'll be your new day that breaks heavenly.
I pray that someway you will look at me.
So bright like glory. Adoringly.

Oh darling, I am completely yours. Ardently yours.
Oh lovely, your presence is my air. For you're all that I care.
Track Name: February Twentieth
You're like my home; shelter from the cold.
Lack of sleep when I'm gone. I've been away too long.
Much too long.

Weather is much too dull.
I'll stay inside until the air contends my walls, or until we fall.
Until we fall.
Track Name: Stay Here, Close
I live for you.
Sing soft, speak true.
Stay here, Close.