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released July 1, 2012

Recorded at Gyoza Bomb Studios
Mastered at Low Brow Studious by Demitri Marmash
Music and Lyrics by Joshua Ching
Reason Tracks on "Wilting", "Sunlight", and "Changes" by Gary Song
Additional Vocals on "Changes" by Ashley Kinoshita



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Alive And Swell Hawaii

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Track Name: Wilting
Always there for me, you're the roots and I'm the wilting tree. Supporting me endlessly no matter the strength of the breeze.

I'm the soldier who has been through hell. You're the nurse tending to my health. Beloved nightingale. I'm forever yours my belle.

You never strayed from me. Am I the man you thought I'd be? Even as death takes me, you're all that I see.
Track Name: Sunlight
So long sunlight, I'll see you soon. God sent his stars along with the moon. They'll protect me while you're away. Rest up your shine for the day.

Goodbye old friend. My how we've grown. Please don't forget me. I'm weak and alone without you.
Track Name: Substance
I've been dreaming aloud. I can't tell substance from sleep. My voice is nothing but sound. I thought I was yours to keep.

All I see is cold and frail. The solemn sea. The closing gale.

I thought you loyal and true. You put my body to rest. Your misgivings I knew, and now there's nothing left.
Track Name: Fragile Threads
Take me away. My lungs are stuck in a slow decay. There's no reason to wake today. I've no reason to wake today.

Just say you're here, cause I can't shake this, dear.

I'm so cold, your body is the sun. The withdrawals have slowly begun. My slow tone couldn't keep you with me, but my hope still grows and drowns in the ugly sea.

I am a different breed. My thoughts are viciously diseased. They're bringing me to my knees. They keep bringing me to my knees.
Track Name: Moonlight
Hello moonlight, I've been treading along. Imperfectly bright, I feel as if I belong.

Illuminate this empty room. The overcast has me shaking too soon. I'm lost and afraid. I don't have much time. Shine down your love, and I'll give you mine.

The sun is rising, dusk has turned into dawn. I long to see you, but you've already gone.
Track Name: Stay Here, Close
I live for you. Sing soft, speak true.
Stay here, close.
Track Name: Misleading
You are the love that goes unseen. Moving through every word I speak. Shaking the stillness from my bones. Changing the only life I've known.

The lines have been redrawn and I can feel a passion so untrue. I'll be waiting with my sight forever fixed upon you.
Track Name: Woolgathering
Be my robber and I'll be your crime. Watch as my nerves slowly unwind. Be my pages and I'll be your cover. I'll keep you sheltered and love you like no other.

I will never let you go cause I adore you so. Let my emotions show and don't let this story go untold.

Be the ocean and I'll be the breeze, softly hovering, singing you to sleep. I'll be with you through everything. Hand in hand, we'll stitch the seams.
Track Name: Changes
The changing day has come undone. It moves so slowly. Every phrase to everyone, I speak so coldly. Cause I can't find myself.

You'll feel my hand within your own. You'll hear my voice. There's nothing more. The great unknown. A hollow noise. Cause I can't find myself.