Feeling Lost, Feeling Alone

by Alive And Swell

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Dedicated to my late Grandfathers and Uncle Hoy


released April 12, 2014

-Beat and electronics on "Flowers Have Bloomed" and "Sea Punks" by Nick Sutton

-"Handshakes", vocals on "Passing", and drums on "Shapes and Geometry" recorded at Joey Green Studios

-All other lyrics and music written and recorded by Joshua Ching at Gyoza Bomb Studios



all rights reserved


Alive And Swell Hawaii

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Track Name: Something I Was
As time shows that I'm not alive,
your love slows and leaves behind
a shell of something I was.
Oh I was your's, but never enough.
Track Name: Flowers Have Bloomed
When the streets grow quiet and the lights have dimmed,
my thoughts diffuse into a pattern so grim.

Im dreaming of
your legs, your eyes, your sweet embrace.
Your touch, your scent. The way you taste.

The rainfall is slight. Still a summers despair.
The flowers have bloomed. Still the trees are bare.

I've been trying to find my way back to you.
Track Name: Passing
I've been lonesome. Called your names outside again.
Wish I could see you my dearest friends.
But you left us about six years ago this July.
I swear I heard you breathing last night.

Oh I'll wait for you

I saw your smiles aging slowly and softening
but never dimming in the winter days.
Time is bitter. It never gives and always takes.
Just know I miss you and the love you gave.

Oh I'll wait for you
Track Name: Until Your Body's at Ease
From the moment I open my eyes to when I close them up at night
I'm dreaming of your hand in mine.
Locking our fingers tight. Never unwinding in this light.
I'm dreaming of your hand in mine.

Come back to me.
Lets talk till we fall asleep.
I'll run my fingers through your hair until your body's at ease.
Track Name: Handshakes
I feel you watching over me in the warmth of the sun.
I wish I could tell you I'm alright, but you're not there.

I hope that you would be proud of me.
I hope that you know I loved you.
Eighty years is just a stepping stone.
But I will smile cause I know you made it home.
Track Name: Shapes and Geometry
We go together like coffee and cigarettes
Like gamblers and placing bets
Like egos and movie sets

We go together like movies and jujubes
Like flowers and buzzing bees
Like shapes and geometry

I don't think there's anyone like us

Lets run away and do nothing and at all
Lets stay in bed from Winter to Fall
Track Name: All I've Ever Needed
Oh sweet love I'm turning in my sleep
from the cold that bottle necks my dreams,
keeping me from being closer to you.
We're never to be.

Oh sweet love I solemn close my eyes.
So not to miss a moment by your side.
The sun seems far lest bright when you're away.
Won't you stay with me?
Track Name: Sea Punks
Take me where the traffic never slows
and you're next to me with your seat belt hanging low.

Lay your head on my shoulder.
I'll let you wear my sweater when it's colder.

Driving further past the state line.
Just take my hand and it'll be fine.
I'll never let you go.